Using the Chevrolet Colorado as a pickup truck



You have just added a boat to a list of collectibles or a trailer and are ready to get started on an offroading adventure. All things are in place – the essentials,  travel sim , the equipment.  The car that that you have may not have enough power and capability that you need on the road trip. Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a truck. What kind?

A pick up truck would be a vehicle that has an enclosed cab in the front nd a cargo area at the back. The cargo area has an open top and a flat bed that serves as a flat tray for the cargo. The four sides are enclose the flat tray with the fourth side servibg as a door to load and unload the cargo. Pick ups come in three segments – full size, mid-size and a compact pick-up. A full-size pickup truck is a large and heavy vehicle which runs on a V8 or six-cylinder engine. A compact pickup is small and includes an inline four engine. As mentioned by edmunds:

“The 2015 Chevrolet Colorado promises a useful solution for buyers who need fuel-efficient truck utility without the full-size commitment.”

When it comes to heavy duty towing and hauling the weight of a truck without cargo or passengers is called the curb weight. The thing to consider is the payload capacity and the hauling or towing capacity. Towing capacity needs to be considered if you plan to tow a boat or a trailer. The Chevrolet Colorado comes with excellent towing capabilities for a for a mid-size truck. The maximum towing capacity is projected to be up to 3039 kg (6700 lb.) In addition the 3.6 models have a button-activated Tow/Haul mode. This feature reduces the upshifting and downshifting associated with hauling a big load.

Consumer Reports actually warns against buying a truck with more hauling capacity than you need because its higher-capacity suspension will make for a more uncomfortable ride

Another great feature to consider when buying a pick up truck would be fuel efficiency and power. The colorado offers three engines: the 2.5L I-4 and 3.6L V6 that use 2.8L Duramax® Turbo-Diesel. No competitor in its class offers an available turbo-diesel engine. Added to this is the fact that Duramax is one of the most trusted names in diesel technology. 

When it comes to storage the Colorado as an impressive sheet. The two tier box system provides two storage areas – upper and lower. If you are looking at hauling something as heavy as a mountain bike thyen this is the perfect storage area. The modular sections in the storage area give you load storage flexibility.

So if looking for a pick up truck for the fun activities the consider the Colorado – it is the  first truck in the compact segment that provides features like triple-sealed doors, and thick windshield and side glass to help reduce wind noise inside the cab and makes for a great drive ahead

Mini Vans for a road trip

Road journey


Road journeys can be fun especially if the move is through a beautiful landscape. What a great way to enjoy nature’s beauty. Think about it ? It may be quicker to take another mode of transport but there is something exciting about packing your bags and heading out in a car. Driving at your own pace, stopping when you feel like it are some of the pluses that go with a road trip. After all it is not just the destination but the journey that counts.

The road journey can be good fun provided there are no rude interruptions along the way like the car breaking down, bad weather, low gas etc. So what do you do if an emergency does come up? Be prepared. Here are just a few suggestions to for a smooth drive ahead.

Know the car basics

Get your car facts right. Know the car inside out. You do not need to know the mechanical stuff but make sure you understand the what and the how of the car you drive. Just incase there is a requirement. Keep the car guide handy incase of a sudden unforeseen problem. Avoid mechanical problems by taking the car to the mechanic a few days before the trip so that you have enough time to get things repaired if required.

Share the driving seat

If you are driving with some friends make sure that there is atleast one person who can handle the steering wheel should the need arise. It is good to share the driving seat with someone as it gives you that little break and provides for safer driving especially if you are covering a long distance at a stretch.

Plan the route in advance

When you plan the route, you can decide in advance on the places you would like to see, the accommodation etc. Plan a stopover accordingly. Also check on any events happening at a particular place enroute. You may want to plan the trip keeping a particular event in mind.

Be prepared for an emergency

Keep a list of handy numbers for an emergency. Especially keep a towbar number in case of a breakdown. Check the route prior to departure and see what falls within the route. No one wants a breakdown enroute. Most important keep towaway numbers handy just in case. Westcott Towbars have towing products that have been engineered, tested and built to last a lifetime.

Fill up regularly

Don’t wait for the fuel to dip low before you stop for a refill. Make sure that you move on at least half a tank before the next refill. This way if you want to continue the drive a little longer than planned you will not run out of gas.

Keep food handy

It may be some time before you can make a stop or sometimes you may want to cover extra ground before daybreak and this may mean skipping the time for a stopover for a bite. A little something to munch on will keep the edge of the hunger.

Most important leave the worries behind and go ahead and enjoy the journey.

Using Heavy Vehicles in Demolition

Demolition of concrete


Doing away with the old to bring in the new is a part of restructuring. Old structures that are more hazardous than useful need to be demolished so that newer, safer and better buildings can come up in their place. Old houses may have a charm of their own but overtime these houses require a large amount of investment in retaining their charm as well as in the maintenance and upkeep of the structure.

In most cases very old houses also have a good amount of asbestos as a part of the constructing material. Continuous exposure to asbestos can be an underlying cause for a number of allergies and may increase the risk of asbestosis, other non-malignant lung and pleural disorders, lung cancer, mesothelioma, and other cancers. When removal is carried out tiny asbestos fibres are released into the air. If we constantly breathe in these tiny fibres, they may get trapped in the lungs and remain there for a long time. Over a period of time due to accumulation of these fibres in the lungs,  there may be scarring and inflammation which can lead to serious breathing problems. Children are extremely vulnerable to emissions produced from asbestos found in old houses.

Demolition of an old building should be carried out by an expert. A company with the right credentials and accreditations should be employed for this task. Since most of the old structures use asbestos, removal of asbestos is best undertaken by a licensed company. Use licensed companies like Focus Demolition which is a commercial and industrial demolition contractor in Western Australia. Do not attempt to take on this tasks unless you are well equipped and educated on not only the removal process but also the disposal process. Any demolition or renovation operation at an institutional, commercial or industrial building is regulated by the Asbestos NESHAP.

Heavy machinery  is required in demolition. Depending upon the structure to be demolished – a single storey, a multi storey, an old structure etc various machinery like the Hydraulic splitters, Demolition hammers, Rotary Hammer, Chipping Hammer, Pavement Breaker, Hydraulic Hammer, Pneumatic Hammer, Saw, Concrete crushers are used.

Disposal of the demolished material required heavy vehicles like trucks and trailers. These need to be equipped with the right materials as the process of disposal involves movement within the residential areas and exposure to hazardous materials is not something you want to worry about. The Asbestos NESHAP requires that the asbestos containing waste material should be sealed  in a leak tight container. These containers should labelled while wet. Disposal of these containers should be done at a landfill that is qualified to receive asbestos waste. Transportation vehicles that move the waste from the point of generation to the asbestos landfill have special labeling requirements and waste shipment record keeping requirements.

Keep these in mind and then proceed with the reconstruction of an old house.

Hiring Packers and Movers


Ready to shift house? Excited about the new change in your life? Comfort is just a phone call away. The packers will come in and pack your stuff. With so many options available online which ones do you go in for? The best need not be the most expensive. The cheapest may not be that great. So how do you pick out the right movers for shifting your precious stuff? Use word of mouth references or just call the top 3 companies that show up on Google. Modular fittings are pretty easy to pack and unpack. Aussie Modular Solutions engineers, designs, manufactures, transports and installs modular buildings and prefabricated modular homes for the mining, resource, commercial and residential sectors.

Keep a few pointers in mind and you can relax and gear up for the new life that awaits you:


Check on the Insurance and security offered for the items. This should include security while packing as well as in transit and unpacking. There may be some items you may not use in the relocated area. These may need to be in storage for some time. Check on the in storage security option – if provided or not. This can even include a car or bike which may not be needed immediately in the relocated area.


See what others have to say about the company. Besides online references try and call a few numbers to get feedback on the condition of goods transported, the experience with the team of packers etc.

Pet Relocation

Pets are a part of our family and relocating with them is not an easy task. In many cases you may need to use the services of a relocation company. Check with the movers on the facility and the care provided to the pets in transit. Check on availability of global SIMS for an overseas relocation so that you can be in touch with the pet caregiver in case of any emergencies that may arise in flight or during transit. The moving process should be safe, comfortable and stress free. What is the boarding facility during transit? Is there a qualified and dedicated caregiver on board? Do they follow a customized diet for pets on board?

Storage facilities

You may need to keep heavy items and o her items in storage for some time. Does the firm provide these storage facilities or do the goods need to be in transit immediately. Are these self storage units? What is the security provided? The rent for the storage? Lastly would you be able to access the storage unit at any time or is there a fixed day and time available? Modular fittings are easy to pack and repack.

Just take a look at the quality of packaging material and the packaging boxes used. Others things to watch out for are the use of specialised wrapping paper, protective plastic bags, made-to-measure wooden crates.

Cartage facilities

Every move is not local. What if the move is an interstate move? Does the company have the right trucks and trailers to move the items? Are these self owned or hired? Costs can vary depending on self ownership or a hired truck or trailer for movement. Relocation may include movement of a car, bike, boat or any other self owned vehicle. Check on the experience that the company has in relocating vehicles. It is important to check the fleet of transporters they use in relocating vehicles.

Accreditations and Associations

Accreditations are like a vote of confidence for a company. Check if the ones that you plan to hire have any accreditations. Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA),  Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux (FIDI –) for overseas movement,  FAIM quality assurance program , Australian International Movers Association (AIMA)  are some of the accreditations you can check.

So be rest assured and look forward to a new life.